MY ART OF 2023

A showcase of all the art I’ve done this year thus far !

Liz Zsikla

Welcome to my art showcase!
All the art I will present here is work of my own, digitally drawn.
Hope you enjoy seeing my creative progress!

Self Portraits:

Look, it’s me! This is a redraw of myself. Day finished: 5/25/23
Photo taken during the process of drawing (less harsh on the eyes, yeah?)
Old artwork which inspired the finished piece; This was drawn in 2019!




Fan art:

Peppino Spaghetti from Pizza Tower! Date finished: 5/9/23
The Noise from Pizza Tower; Can you tell I really like this game? Date finished: 5/9/23























The Prince from Katamari Damacy! Date finished: 12/15/22 (Shh… ignore the fact this was made last year…)





















"My family as animals!First drawing: Lais Chipmunk/Squirrel Second drawing: Mom Owl"
Drew my mother and my aunt as animals during my stay in Japan! (That’s Brazilian Portuguese by the way) Date finished: Sometime in early April 2023
An original character I had made awhile back; Decided to give them a revamped design! Date finished: Sometime in early April 2023
It’s-a-me! Again! (This time, as an anthropomorphic greyhound) Date finished: Absolutely no idea, my bad.
WIP fan art of Omega Flowey from Undertale! (Sorry, spoilers; But the game’s been out for about 6 years now so…)































Phew… that was a lot.
I had to redraw a lot of these over, and over again, just to get them to look how I wanted them to. Still, they’re not perfect; Oh well!
This is all of the art for now! I’m looking forward to improving my art and playing around with my art style as the year goes on. Thanks for checking my art out!

Note for other artists: Don’t pressure yourself to make “good art”! We’re all gonna have our good and bad days, so don’t put yourself down if one day, your art isn’t coming out the way you’d like it to. It’s a process, a journey; Have fun with it! Torturing yourself over not doing your best will accomplish nothing. So! Make good art, make bad art, and all in between. As cliche as it seems really, “Never give up”. Your future self will thank you 🙂