Bizarre Haunted Flea Market

Recently, I visited the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market in Old Bethpage, hosted by Twitch Twitch Productions. This event is near the Historical Sites in Old Bethpage. It only happens twice a year – once on Mother’s Day and once during winter holidays – and is held in a barn.

This is the Jezebelle doll.

I really liked this flea market. I bought a Jezebelle doll from a vendor called, Wing Dead Dolls. This doll was $60, and though expensive, was worth the money. I also bought a spider decoration from The Golden Web, which was $10 due to the body being made out of gemstones. This spider sits by my window at home now. I found something that was interesting – a beautiful pillow that pictured a girl with a type of bird; I bought this from the vendor, Killer Pillows. The ladies behind the table said that the money made from the pillows will be spent to help pay the chemo bills. This gave me more of an incentive to buy the pillow. The pillow was $40.

Here is a list of some of the vendors at the flea market.


Some cons? There were many different vendors, despite what was on the flyer. I feel like all the vendors should’ve been listed on the program to give the vendors credit for being there. Listing all the names on the flyer can also help generate more money for the small business as it lets the consumer know the vendor is there.

I also don’t like how disorganized the even  was. It was hard to find certain tables, like the table with stuffed animals that have fake blood or the Wing Dead Dolls table. The tables were just around the barn in no sort of order or system. I feel that maybe the flea market would benefit if the vendors were arranged in alphabetical order or with a number system.

Some vendors were also unprofessional. The psychic hired didn’t want to read my mother’s fortune and told us to come back later. The psychic was already set up fifteen minutes before she was supposed to start providing services to customers, but wasn’t willing to read my mother’s fortune. This was an unprofessional attitude, and I do not feel like this behavior was appropriate- especially when people are willing to pay for a service!

Another thing I didn’t like was the food selection. There weren’t many options of food, or places to eat. There was little food truck outside the barn, and small snacks to eat inside. I think that next year there should be various food truck should and there should be a larger area to sit and eat.

However, despite these negatives, I did enjoy the items that were being sold. I bought a really pretty flower crown for $15 from a vendor whose name I forgot, and really like my Jezebelle doll. I also bought a jewelry box with moons on it and a necklace with a bird on it.


Here is one of the charts that I learned from. It’s called “Rainbow Chakra Centers”.

I enjoyed the booths that taught me about chakras and other types of psychic information. Learning about things like chakras is very interesting. I learned a little about the representation and meaning of gemstones. I really enjoyed the informational pamphlets there, such as a copy of the original punk zine, which was $3.

It was a small but cozy flea market and was very unique. I enjoyed it a lot, despite having some complaints. Though many improvements can be made, Twitch Twitch Productions did a great job and I definitely recommend this event.