Going Farther: Village School Trips


Julia Kim

Village School is a different kind of school, and our trips are a part of what makes us unique. Trips range from visiting museums to mini golfing. But, because so many of our students are from out of district, we usually can’t go on trips that extend beyond normal school hours, as many other schools do. Some schools journey to different states and or even different countries. I believe that Village school should go on these kind of trips as well.

Trips to different states or different countries are so cool because students get to see new things, and experience fun adventures. I want our school to consider school and even summer trips. For example, during the summer, we could go to another country such as Italy or France for as long as 2 weeks. The cost of the trips would probably be a lot, but we could do fundraisers and events to raise money.

Some places local that would be great for trips are: The Museum of Moving Image, Six Flags, the beach, Broadway musicals, and Escape Rooms. For more ideas, I asked Village School students where they would like to go. Answers ranged from going to the aquarium to going on a senior trip to Disney. However, we need more suggestions and ideas for school trips. If you’d like to contribute suggestions, complete form below: