Beauty and the Beast


imageIs self-vain worth the price of guilt? All throughout the U.S., big brand cosmetic companies are using animals to test their products on. The use of animal testing is inexpensive and quick, causing companies to incubate mass groups in facilities. These creatures are abused and left to die in tragedy and pain.

Common animals used include rodents, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. Not enough? What about your pets at home? That includes your loving dogs and cats. They’re ripped out from their natural habitats only to be locked in filthy minuscule cages. The “scientists” then continue to inject them with lethal chemicals that are used in certain makeup brands.This causes a series of painful reactions including blindness, skin burning, and in some cases death. No big deal though. Only 100 million animals die a year. These beautiful species are abused by makeup companies such as Maybelline, Cover Girl, L’oreal, and MAC cosmetics. It is unfathomable how people think this is an acceptable concept of treating these innocent creatures with such cruelty. As a humane society, it is expected of us to shame those that hurt other people. Why doesn’t that apply that to animals?

Overall, the treatment of animals is despicable but in reality this topic sadly doesn’t cross the minds of many people. Next time you’re shopping in the makeup aisle, take a moment to look for the animal testing free logo and think about how much pain was caused just for that little tube of mascara or lipstick. Cruelty isn’t beautiful.