The (Better Late than Never) Story of Aaron Hernandez


Do you live under a rock? If so, here’s story for you!!

Hernandez, in happier times.
Hernandez, in happier times.

Aaron Hernandez, 25 years old, was recently sentenced to life without parole after being found guilty of first-degree in the murder of Odin Lloyd, his fiancee’s sister’s boyfriend.

When he heard the verdict, he appeared frustrated and told the jury they were wrong. A former NFL player, fans of his were really shocked when they heard the news because he was such a young superstar and had so much going for him. Before these charges, he had been getting in trouble with failing drug tests and other questionable behavior off the field.

And if you think it looks bad for him now, there’s this: Hernandez also faces two murder charges for the 2012 shooting deaths of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, who he claims, “disrespected him” after bumping into him in a club, causing Hernandez to spill his drink.