‘The Wall’ by Chad Long


I recently bought a downloadable trick called “The Wall” made by Chad Long. Downloadable tricks are tutorials to patented tricks made by professional magicians, and should be purchased out of respect for the magicians and their ideas. The Wall is a trick where the magician creates the illusion that he’s pulling a playing card out of a wall or any other flat surface.

The trick is performed by back-palming a card (having a card behind the hand) and curling the hand forward where it looks like half the card is out, then pulling the card with the thumb and pushing the moving card into the wall with the middle finger to make it look like the card is coming straight out of the wall.

Overall, I’d say this is a good trick, and a wonderful illusion to master. You only need one card to do it, so you can just keep a card in your wallet for an impromptu trick. It can be useful, effective, and it’s absolutely delicious to see people’s reactions when you just pull a card out of a wall at a random time.