Meteor Crashes in Russia- Injures 1,100



By Elliot Esterman


Russian Vehicle Dashboards Capture Meteor Crashing


On Friday, February 15 2013, a 50 foot-11 ton meteor hit Chelyabinsk, Russia. This is not the same asteroid that NASA predicted would miss earth by 17,000 feet, that is the 190,000 ton Asteroid that passed us on the same day, so the meteorite that hit us isn’t part of that huge meteor. According to NASA, almost 1,100 people were injured after the crash from glass, falling buildings.  Amazingly, no one died as NASA reported that the shock wave was as powerful as the Hiroshima atomic bomb, which killed 80,000 people in an instant.

But how is this possible? How was there no death toll? As it turns out, the meteorite crashed in an unpopulated area, only sending a shockwave with shattered glass and cracked the foundations of buildings. The last meteorite that hit near Russia was in Siberia 15 years ago, in the middle of nowhere. While the meteorite was falling,  amateur videos taken cell phones and by dashboard cameras showed the entire meteor fall from the sky. The video shows the meteor leaving a huge streak behind it; as it was getting closer, the light became more blinding until it crashed behind a forest.  Beyond that, there is no other footage of the actual impact, but the shockwave was heard and felt.

People that live in this part of Russia are now are living through the cold Russian winter without windows in their homes, waiting on the relief effort.
Since the impact, there have been countless new predictions about “end of the world”.  Doomsday-ers say that because there have been many close possible hits by huge meteors, all signals point to the end of the world coming soon.