Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Under $25)


By BrittAnnie Spuhler


Mother’s Day is this Sunday. For those of you who are last minute shoppers, here are a few ideas for inexpensive gifts that will make mom smile.


Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 1.46.55 PMWhat’s more relaxing than scented lotions and candles? Stop by a Bath & Body Works and pick up assorted lotions, candles, bubble baths, perfumes, and more. They often have deals where you can get things like 3 small candles for $10 or 2 lotions for $10. You can mix and match scents. They also have great gift baskets like this one ($16.50). If you’re not sure what she would like, you can always buy her a gift card.


Every woman likes to be pampered. Stop by the local nail salon and pick her up a gift certificate for a pedicure. Normally, pedicures run from $12-$20. If you want to make her feel extra-special, throw in a manicure too for $8.


Photo 2013-05-03 01.56.30 PMOne word: JEWELRY! Check out local boutiques or even clothing stores. You can always find something for under $25. Bonus points: if she has a charm bracelet buy her a charm to put on it. Every time she wears it she’ll think of you.


Buy her a nice bouquet of flowers. You can stop by a flower shop, your local grocery store, or even CVS. You can’t go wrong with flowers, it doesn’t even matter what kind you get for her. But, you should ask what her favorites are and try to get those.


Brit photo 2Homemade gifts are easy, economical, and something she’ll cherish. Try something like a duct tape wallet. It’s something that will impress her and will certainly be useful. You can buy all different colors or patterns of duct tape. Try Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store for a lot of different options. Check out this link for instructions:


Something she’ll really appreciate is a home cooked meal. You can surprise her with breakfast in bed- just make sure you’re awake before her! Or, cook her favorite dinner. Its cheaper than taking her to a restaurant and definitely a lot more sentimental. If that sounds too difficult, try pasta. It’s easy, quick, and a tasty bottle of marinara will do most the work for you.


Brit photo 3Give her the day off and clean up the house! It’s free and will show her you care. Just watch out, because she may expect you to start cleaning up more often!