Senior Year: Fears and Tears


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By Amanda Long

The year is almost over and Seniors from all over the district are scrambling to finish schoolwork. Many Seniors are still waiting for the letter that will decide their futures. The stress and fear is palpable. In our very own Village School, our seniors are no exception. But even under the stress, they have managed to stay cool and confident.

Three seniors, Alicia, Greg and Adam agreed to be interviewed about their feelings about college.

Alicia will be attending Washington University of St. Louis, while Greg and Adam are currently undecided.

Q: What are you most excited about for college?

Greg: “Living free, with no parents around, with just a roommate to mess around with.”

Alicia: “Probably the same thing I’m most afraid of. Living on my own, getting to have that responsibility.”

Adam: “Sororities…Ay. I’m excited about learning new things and getting new ideas. I’m worried about writing papers, but I’m excited for the college life.”

Q: What is some advice you would give to future Seniors?

Adam: “Take SAT class very seriously.”

Greg: “Really apply yourself. Do all the work that is given to you because it’s only getting harder from then on.”

Alicia: “Use senior seminar as much as you possibly can to get your applications done. And then you can enjoy yourself.”