Meyers for Hire


Seth Meyers, showing good form in his weekly SNL appearance, "Weekend Update".
Seth Meyers, showing good form in his weekly SNL appearance, “Weekend Update”.

For Village Update, I’m Solomon Shapiro, and this is tonight’s top story. Jimmy Fallon recently announced that he is moving to The Tonight Show, after Jay Leno announced his departure.  Here’s hoping it isn’t like last time when Conan O’Brien famously took over for Jay Leno, and then Leno suddenly wanted to return.

With Jimmy Fallon leaving Late Night  to take over for Jay Leno, there is a spot open on late night TV that needs to be filled, but who has the ability to be comical every night of the week?!  Well, the results are in, and the new host of NBC’s Late Night is… Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers is no stranger to comedy, starting his career as a member of the Northwestern University improv sketch group Mee-Ow, nor is he a stranger to NBC, as he has been the lead writer of Saturday Night Live since the 2006 season, and anchors the only weekly skit, Weekend Update. I can’t think of anyone better to take over for the great comedian, Jimmy Fallon, than Seth Meyers. Every week, he delivers his hilarious views and interpretations on local and world events of the week on Weekend Update, and writes some of the funniest skits SNL has today. Surely, he can handle this new gig.

The question on my mind is if Meyers will be able to continue to churn out his comedic genius for SNL while also hosting a nightly show on NBC. I believe that Meyers will be able to balance both careers. His comedic style on Weekend Update is very similar to the skits and parts of Jimmy Fallons Late Night Show, showing that he is the right choice. I for one, being a frequent viewer of both shows,  am very pleased with the choice to give Meyers his own show, and hopefully so does the public.  For Village Update, I’m Solomon Shapiro.