Fashion Review: Neckbeards


Both neckbeards and fedoras, respectively, have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years. Walk down any street within the vicinity of trendy hipster towns from Williamsburg to Venice Beach, and both looks were in full bloom.

However, a community of grown men, known for watching the television show, “My Little Pony” and the like, have adopted both trends, morphing them into one.

Since this overtaking, the fedora and neckbeard have become a symbol for a kind of atheists who are stereotypically known for their persistence in making others aware of their beliefs. They are known for paying little attention to personal hygiene, hence the neckbeard.

This group,not so cleverly nicknamed, “neckbeards” or “fedoras”, has become so associated with the hat, that even those who are not part of the group can be mistaken for members simply because are seen wearing the upturned brimmed headgear.

Due to this association, fedoras are no longer a viable option for fashionability and, sadly, neither is the neckbeard. While many a hipster may look good in a fedora or with a mess of un-groomed neck hair, it is probably best to avoid association with this dangerous group of gamers, atheists, and Cheeto munchers: the Neckbeards.