A Final Note From Your Editors


The school year is finally drawing to a close, with the Newspaper class in which we first established our “mission statement” for the year and arranged our first article assignments seeming like just yesterday. However, it is the completion and complete success of this year’s mission that has made this time an important moment to applaud both the hardworking participation of this year’s staff and the ongoing support and readership of the rest of the Village School community. The Villager’s writers have worked hard to meet weekly deadlines and put forth informative articles to address to the student body, whether it’s speaking of VS current events, introducing recent news like the Anniversary of Selma or the new presidential campaign, taking a satirical ride in our Shallot column, or learning more about one of our fellow students. Presenting not only the articles to the school but also providing interactive components for feedback has been one of the initial goals for the Villager, and we’re happy to say that along with our polls (from thoughts on the controversial pop culture dress to votes on the favorite VS trip), comment section, and our newly created cartoon caption contest, we have gone far and beyond in fulfilling many of our main principal objectives.

There will be a new wave of writers the coming year, which means new ideas, new reforms and improvements, but it is the success and development of this year’s that allow the Villager to better and evolve. So, with a final thank you to the Villager’s writers, our advisor Lauren who has worked alongside us to edit and finalize all the work, and of course to you, our readers, we hope to continue the work of the newspaper next year in informing and entertaining through journalism and strive toward bigger and better goals.

Your editors,
Jackie and Ben