James Bares

My current favorite app is probably Qriket.  It’s ‘newish’ but is already picking up a lot of popularity, with the app’s creator and the app’s main page on Twitter reaching over 35 thousand combined followers!

The basis of this app is very simple: watch an ad, get a spin, and earn a chance at winning REAL MONEY! Users can win anywhere from 5¢ to $1000 in a single spin, and once the user hits $25, she can cash out on PayPal.  This is a no risk, 100% reward, FREE app. With no micro transactions, and not even a way to enter a credit/debit card, it is 100% safe.
There are four ways to earn!

Need to make some extra cash? Qricket is here for you.
Need to make some extra cash? Qricket is here for you.

There are four ways to earn: The first way is by entering someone’s referral code upon signup. Doing this will give you a quick and easy 25 spins to get you started. Plus, when someone uses your code, you receive $1, for EVERY person that uses your code. This means that if you have 100 people use your code, you just made an easy $100!

The second way is by watching ads. You are given an opportunity to watch about 15 a day, and each ad will give you a free spin. The third way is giveaways. The app creator holds “spin code giveaways” almost every day on social media, and once a week even does a $100 giveaway.

The fourth and final way to earn money is by visiting specific restaurants or stores that are located throughout the U.S.A and Canada.  For every dollar you spend at these designated places, you will receive 1 spin.  At the bottom of your receipt, you will also be given a code which can be redeemed for a chance to win back ALL the money you spent at the restaurant.

All in all, this is a great app that you can download off the Apple Store or Google Play today. And, consider using my referral code if you download the app!