DC Mobile App Unites DC

Dylan Schwartz

     On February 25, an app was introduced to Apple’s A01-56ce798c7fac81-02168859-47de0pp Store and Google Play. This app is called “DC All Access.”  This app is a DC fan’s dream! The app has news about products, movies, and comics. It also has a comic reader that allows you to purchase and read the latest DC comics. There are chances to win prizes and get free DC- related products. You can even purchase movie tickets for DC movies.  Fans can meet other fans using the built- in DC fan community. A huge feature of this app from a technical standpoint is the DC keyboard. Users can use characters, words, images, or emojis related to DC comics while typing. The app also uses an interesting system that introduces challenges, such as following a director of a DC movie on Twitter, which gives you points that are redeemable for rewards.

      The app is not perfect, though. It abruptly crashes at times. The makers are working to fix the problem, which is essential to help DC beat Marvel at the box office. This app is an attempt to further this goal and without the fixing the problem, becoming top dog will be harder to accomplish.