AraabMuzik Shot

Benjamin Varughese

AraabMuzik at work
AraabMuzik at work.

26 year old hip-hop producer AraabMuzik was shot in a parking garage last week in Harlem. Although the wound was not fatal, Araab’s representative released a statement saying the MPC wizard was simply, “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” According to authorities, the crime was part of an attempted robbery. It has been reported that two men walked up to Araab’s BMW and pretended to drop something adjacent to the driver’s door. They then proceeded to unload their firearms, shooting the Dipset collaborator in the right arm and jaw, as well as grazing his head with another bullet. James Malloy, a friend of the producer who was in the vehicle at the time, was shot in the leg. Both are currently in stable condition and have been active on social media. This is not the first time Araabmuzik has found himself in a life threatening situation involving guns. In 2013, he was also shot during another attempted robbery in Rhode Island.

Although he is not exactly healthy at the moment, Araab is expected to make a full recovery and return relatively quickly to his love for production.