G-Unit Reunion?

Benjamin Varughese

It is quite possible the beef between longtime rivals The Game and 50 Cent has been squashed. Both artists were reportedly at the video shoot for Dj Drama’s “Wishing” along with multiple Instagram posts by Pharaoh Jackson suggesting that the feud between these two rap icons had been settled. This being said, it would be a dream come true for hip-hop fans if a collaboration could make its way into the works. However, it is more than possible that the situation is still quite delicate and the production of another project could easily strain such untried repairs.


A collaboration could also bring about unwelcome nostalgia between Game and 50. It was The Game’s first album The Documentary that set the stage for G-Unit’s historic breakup. There had already been tension between the two, and upon the album’s release, the stress boiled over. 50 claimed he had written 6 of the songs on The Documentary, which Game quickly denied. This, along with a member of Game’s entourage being shot at the Hot 97 studio in New York City, significantly distancing these members of the Unit.

Bitterness after the split continued, including The Game’s boycott of G-Unit known as “G-Unot,” and the “300 Bars and Runnin” diss.

Fortunately, as time passed, the drama died down and mutual “ceasefires” were agreed to by both parties. Ties withstood the test of time, although the strength of certain connections were strained.
A G-Unit reunion would allow for the healing of a significant wound in the world of hip-hop, and that would be more than a blessing.