Captain America 3: Civil War Review-WARNING SPOILER ALERT

Sakeeb Satter


Marvel’s new movie, Captain America 3: Civil War is a brilliant movie. The plot is extremely engaging with fights scenes throughout the entire film. It wasn’t one of those movies where heroes fight for only a few scenes – Batman V. Superman– *cough cough*. The story was different than the comic book story, but it was still well done. There aren’t many flashbacks, but there are references to the past. These references might click for some people, but they didn’t for me until the end. The movie is witty, well planned, and masterfully arranged.

The movie starts off with Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Falcon trying to capture Crossbones in Wakanda. It turns out Crossbones was wearing a suicide vest and exploded next to Captain America. However, Scarlet Witch contains the explosion, but struggles to move it out of the away. She ends up releasing the explosion near a building filled with people, killing several of them. The Sokovia Accords are meant to control the Avengers. This is necessary because they are currently “loose,” and need to be under strict supervision.

This is where the disagreements starts. Iron Man wants to go through with the signing of the Accords, but Captain America refuses to sign. When the U.N. meets for the passing of the Sokovia Accords, the whole building blows up, and Winter Soldier is blamed for it. Black Panther gets angry at Winter Soldier, because his father, King of Wakanda, died in the explosion. Captain America finds the Winter Soldier and comes to believe that he didn’t blow up the building. Captain America has faith and hope in his old friend that he will return back to normal. He never stops helping the Winter Soldier, even when his fellow Avengers try to get him to give the Winter Soldier up. I admired his dedication to his best friend. Even with the world against them, he still continued to fight with him. But, this causes the separation between Tony and Steve. After being controlled again, Bucky goes crazy and attacks people. After calming down, he engages in the final fight against Iron Man. Captain America joins Bucky, and in the end, Tony STANK is beaten. The “Civil War” refers to the fighting within the Avengers. Our heroes’ views are so different that Tony needs to capture Steve’s team and have them put behind reinforced bars. As a viewer, I fully understood that both sides were fighting for reasons that they believed in. The struggle between the characters is heartbreaking, yet understandable.

Check out what other Village School-ers thought of the film: 
Cindy- The movie shows the inner turmoil. Iron man is being driven by his ego,  while Captain America is driven by what he thinks is right based on his friends. Iron Man is reactive. Captain America thinks before he acts- he broke rules for good intent.  After disagreement, Captain America wants to help Tony if he ever wants it.The comedy was funny. Cindy’s favorite scene is the helicopter scene. Cindy is team Cap.
MaxThe movie was amazing and different from the typical Marvel movie. It brought the Avengers in the movie without the title of ‘Avengers’. This movie shows them more as humans than completely unrelatable heroes. Max’s favorite scene was the final fight. Max is team Cap. He read the comics and was and still is team Captain America.