Christina Zhang

rape-kit-300x206Doctors and nurses in E.R.’s go through extensive training in order to help others, but there are many untapped subjects that some are not able to deal with. Rape and sexual assault survivors are in much needed help after experiencing trauma. Some are afraid to come forward, and even when they do, they’re forced to sit waiting for a doctor that is not specialized nor properly trained. Doctors need to understand how to look for signs of assault. One example of why specialized doctors are greatly needed is a case in Seattle in which Lea, an elementary school teacher was badly assaulted. She bravely drove herself to the hospital only to sit in the waiting room for two hours and was ultimately sent home by a doctor that stated nothing was wrong. Lea had a 1½-inch laceration in her vagina that later required stitches. Rape is not an easy topic to talk about. Along with the emotional factor there are issues financially. Hospital bills start unnecessarily backlogging. The bills include paying for a rape kit that can cost up to $1,500. Why must people pay the consequences for a crime done by others? Why must traumatized people be treated as inconsequential?8ed0c75554fbf6e0e9dd59260086e7b0