How to Art: Art School

Angela Chang

Art is a hard field of work to make it big in, so if you have aspirations to become the next Leonardo da Vinci, you’re chances are extremely miniscule. On the other hand, you can always refine your skills in order to pursue that field.

Think about things. Is this something you can do and want to do. You know?

That being said, there are many professions having to do with art. Museum guide, museum curator, museum art preservation, graphic designer, graphic artist, architect, illustrator, fashion designer, gastronomist, art therapy, advertisement, chef, anime artist, manga artists, composer, singer, dancer, actor, writer, playwright, director, interior designer, and many many more.

Whether you’re considering going to art school or not, have a portfolio. At some point you might be asked to show some work and having it ready may save some otherwise missed opportunities. Also, before deciding to attend art school, speak to people who have already been through art school and people with experience if possible. (May or may not be beneficial. I just looked up this stuff, man…..)

Attend art college fairs, apply to art college programs, but during this time, continue to make art. Its easy to loose site of thing, but keeping the passion for art alive can help you remain grounded (again, I just searched for this stuff online….)


And hopefully you’ll be able to make a living.. Just do you or whatever..