A Brief Peek Into the Story of Vince Staples

Benjamin Varughese

To perfectly picture and encapsulate the message of the man named Vince Staples is a task that can easily be perceived as overwhelming. 22 years breathing, his demeanor commands respect due to his ability to articulate his intuition creatively.

Vince was born on July 2, 1993 in Long Beach, California. Vince has often voiced his love for his hometown and depicts it as the laid back ghetto, being as it is not as wild as Compton but still maintains the qualifications of the hood. This being said, Vince has made an active effort to make sure the culture of violence and drugs is not glorified, as artists like Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar do similarly.30bedd30

Vince had never imagined himself to be an artist of any sorts in the past. As a child, his only concern was enjoying his environment. He became a crip affiliate and eventually dropped out of high school. In his earlier years, Vince describes his lifestyle as enjoyable, as it provided a sense of community and it was standard for the resident colored men of Long Beach. It wasn’t until the summer of 2006 that Vince saw the lifestyle rear up its ugly head. As friends began to pass away and the violence became more commonplace, Staples saw the culture as it really was. However, he did not let the realization of such harsh reality curb his loyalty. To this day, Vince voices his allegiance to the set but also makes a point of stating that the lifestyle is not one to desire.

As time began pass, Vince had no idea as to what he should do with himself. He found he had no specific ambitions and as a result began to experiment with different hobbies. A friend that would later become his manager suggested rap, and after realizing his natural affinity for the craft and a constant urging by fans, Vince took the ball and ran with it.hypebeast-tv-vince-staples-in-disneyland-000

Due to manager’s reputation in the hip-hop world, it was not difficult for Vince to find fellow artists to work with. He started out with features on tracks with Odd Future and eventually spread his name throughout the world of rap, working with Artists like Common, Future, and Mac Miller along with producers such as No ID.

Vince uses the platform he has as a rapper to tell stories about his experiences as well as speak through his own perspective. He released his debut album Summertime ‘06 to critical acclaim on June 30 of 2015.

Vince Staples’ artistry has only started to blossom. His unique and mature view of his surroundings will continue to propel him to greater heights.