Amazon’s, “Alexa,” is Freaking People Out

Julia Kim

It’s 2018 new, modern technology is advancing rapidly, and companies are constantly introducing new gadgets to help us perform everyday tasks.  Some new technology that has come out over the past couple of years are a Virtual Reality set which allows the user to feel as if he has entered the game world when wearing the set; Siri, Apples personal assistant; and more recently, Amazon’s “Alexa.” Alexa was released in 2014, but has gained popularity over the last year. Alexa is almost like a personal assistant in the form of a little round box, which is meant to help the user complete tasks handsfree.  For example, perhaps the user is in the kitchen, cooking and needs to phone someone.  She could just say, “Hey Alexa, call Mom.”

It’s pretty sweet, isn’t it? However, recently, many people don’t so. Of course, all technology malfunctions at times– it happens! But have you heard of technology laughing at you and

Amazon’s Alexa

searching up nearby funeral homes by itself? Creepy! Recently, there have been reports of people who own Alexa claiming that the little round box turns on by itself and just laughs. A video of the laugh has gone viral on many social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. The search of random funeral homes were just coincidental, as only one person experienced this malfunction. However, the video finally grabbed Amazon’s attention. Amazon claimed they knew about the issue and they’re going to fix it. Amazon believes that the malfunction is caused from the vague user command, “Alexa laugh.” Amazon believes that Alexa frequently mistakes voices giving that command, so they’re working on a new statement to activate her laugh; for example, “Alexa, can you laugh?”

Amazon is working towards fixing this malfunction, however some people are still spooked about it and believe that their Alexa is haunted.