March 14th: What We Did To Remember People Who Died

Lucas Geier

On March 14th there was a nationwide call for students to walkout of school and honor the memory of the 17 people who were shot while at school in Parkland, Florida on February 14th.   Students who want change current gun laws and/or just remember those who lost their lives participated. 

Here at Village we did something a little different. In stead of walking out, at 10 AM, we all met in the Commons area and watched a video that showed pictures of every student and teacher who died, stated their names, and some words about who they were. 

After, Jeff talked to us about how this day was made possible by students who used their voices and reminded us that we, too, have voices we can use to make change if we want.  He then showed us a current list of pending NYS legislation about gun control and let us know who our local representatives were so we could write to them and give our opinion- for or against- some laws they are thinking about.