Science Fiction Series: “Upside the Head,” by Marissa Lingen

Ryan Harvey

Traumatic brain injury can affect emotions and memory.

Marissa Lingen is a published science fiction writer and is well known in the community of scientist science fiction writers. This story is about a professional hockey team called the Michigan Squids who begin funding research for concussions and the prime investigator treats the patients very well and like actual people, not players.

Linden shows that she has a good understanding of the neuroscience of concussions in this story. The story accurately portrays the way concussions effect the amygdala. It shows how amygdala damage can negatively affect memory, decision making, and the processing of emotions. It also understands how concussions lead to anger issues for the reasons previously mentioned. The medicine in the story is not something that science backs but this still is a very scientific story.