Village School Field Day

Julia Kim

On Friday, May 25th, Village School held it’s annual field day event which was organized as a color war. The morning hours were spent in classes and then later, teams got together with their teams to decide which students would participate in certain events.

Field day was organized by Ronni and the Student Government and was divided into different team activities, some physical such as the 50 yard dash, potato sack racing, and tug-of-war, and some silly like the water balloon toss and flexibility or headstand contests.

Even though the day was very hot,  we all had a bunch of fun. Everyone enjoyed the sunny weather and the extra time we had for lunch! The day was full of laughter and wet grass, along with teachers

Our very own Margaret and Danielle

motivating the students during the activities.

Field day is just one instance of the types of days that really bring the students and the teachers of Village together as a family.