15 Year Old Florida Boy Accused Of Killing Mother Over Bad Grade

Fen Dougharty

Gregory Ramos, age 15, is currently awaiting trial in Florida for the murder of his mother and the later attempted cover up of the crime. In addition, his two friends Brian Porras and Dylan Ceglarek, have been arrested for their assistance in the crime.

The killing was sparked by an argument over a D grade in his English class. Greg then later strangled her that night.

The two friends staged a break in at Gregory’s home after the crime occurred. Gregory reported the supposed break in to police, who questioned him. Greg later told investigators it was a preemptive attack out of belief that he would be killed. Investigators were suspicious of this story after finding no sign of an abusive relationship, and arrested the 15 year old.

“[Greg] Wasn’t very emotional about it at all,” Sgt. A.J. Pagliari told local Florida station WKMG. “He used some expletives and said, ‘I’ll tell you what happened.’ Very cold, calculated and very proud of what he did.”

Greg had been a police explorer with the Orange City Police Department and had been at a Police Explorer’s event the night of the argument.

Ramos’s trial is scheduled for the 25th of March.

(Edit: Ramos’ trial has been moved to the 10th of July.)