For Honor: Good or Bad?

Natanel Sachmechi

For Honor is a game known by many, either on PC or consoles. This game, which was created by Ubisoft, a gaming corporation, has “potential” as people claim, but how I see it, this game just fails to satisfy me and many others on its servers.

For Honor is a war game, but more knights and castles, which also includes Samurai and Vikings as well. It is a third person game in which you can use many weapons (depending on the hero you choose), and many customization options such as armor, weapon parts, armor colors, armor patterns, symbols, engravings, emotes, and executions. For Honor’s beta was released on February 9, 2017, and many people were anxious and excited to play it. The game started out well, and I actually enjoyed it for quite a while. This game was like no other: you have fair fights and combos you can master and challenges that were a lot of fun. The executions were very satisfying; I mean come on– who wouldn’t want to chop off a Viking’s head or a Samurai’s limb?!

As time went on, though, everyone had been playing the actual game and some started disliking it; there were a lot of bugs in the game, or, more specifically, errors in the coding. The first DLC (Downloadable Content) characters were the Roman Centurion and the Shinobi. When these characters came out, people weren’t so pleased by their making or their combos. As a side note, to all the bad players who complain that Centurion is a really powerful and hard character that needs to be nerfed (made less powerful), honestly, delete the game and go play Fortnite!

Centurion is my main character, and through my time of playing the Centurion, I have to say that he is underpowered as is. I mean, even professional players that don’t even use Centurion say he is underpowered. Once you actually begin mastering the game, you will see that Centurion is slow and has very basic combos that are so obvious and can easily be countered. Centurion comes with many unblockables and these unblockables are basically these moves that lights the person’s arm on fire to signal it is an unblockable. It can be a kick and a punch that can’t be blocked but only dodged and when someone tries to use an unblockable with an actual weapon you can either parry it or dodge it but many prefer parries. When these hits connect they can take away a good amount of stamina and health away. Many complain that these unblockables on the Centurion are way too powerful when they really aren’t people just suck at this game to be honest. There are many characters that have an excessive amount of hyper shields as well. Hyper shields basically highlight the body in a white layer and when they get slashed at it won’t phase them but it still will affect their health. In my opinion i think vikings honestly abuse hyper shields. For real though these hairy bastards are loaded with hyper shields it’s hard to fight vikings that know what they are doing. Now don’t even get me started on the damn samurai holy crap i hate every one of them. These bastards will get you angry, triggered, and have your blood boiling. These guys have really fast combos at times too fast to even react to it or block it. These japanese heroes are such a pain to everyone that has gone against them. There are people who spam light attacks which do small bits of damage but are so ridiculously fast. The first two hits take 400ms (less than half a second) to make contact which makes it really hard to block and im talking about the dumb Orochi by the way. Now let’s talk about the current stupid fat Shugoki. He is basically a sumo with a huge baseball bat. The makers of For Honor came out with an update to “fix” shugoki as they say. He has two unblockables which is a headbutt and and a hug which crushes your back restoring his health and stamina. These unblockables are kind of difficult to dodge since the hug tracks you and the headbutt is very quick. The characters in this game are very unbalance. I mean, the damn game has a 2.2 star rating on xbox that’s really bad. I honestly think the creators are not putting enough effort and time into these characters, they always listen to the people who suck at the game and always want worse things as to the better people who want better things. I still play this game even if it has a lot of problems because i see this game as something that can succeed if the developers just got their shit together is all.

The reason being that the game is mostly unbalanced is because the game is created by the well known company called Ubisoft. This company has been known for years for making mediocre games. The recent Assassins Creeds other than Assassin Creed: Odyssey have been some failures as games. Ubisoft has also made a very popular game side by side with the Tom Clancey company making a game called Rainbow Six: Siege. This game is very popular and it is personally one of my favorite games but overall the characters could use a little fixing. Ubisoft is not my favorite company anymore neither is there sorry excuse of a game For Honor.