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Soft Sugar Cookies
Soft Sugar Cookies
June 13, 2024
June 4, 2024

    The daily grind: Which teacher shares your favorite coffee preferences?

    Have you ever wondered which Village School teacher you resemble most? Pick which beverage you would order at coffee shop and we’ll tell you which faculty member is your perfect match!

    Sam – French roast, straight black, no milk no sugar

    If you’re like Sam, you prefer to keep things plain and simple with a cup (or gallon) of straight-black coffee. You are straightforward and blunt in communicating your opinions, and don’t care if you come off strong.

    Jeff – Coffee with milk and sugar

    If you’re like Jeff, you like achieving balance – especially when it comes to the bitter acidity of coffee and the sweet taste of milk and sugar. Whether allocating time for school work and social life or finding a way to handle your needs and the needs of others, you like maintaining an equilibrium that is sensible and suitable for your lifestyle.

    Halina – 3 shots espresso over ice, almond milk and stevia

    If you’re like Halina, you’re always on the fly and tend to compress a lot of work into a small period of time. In order to stay energized over the course of your busy day, you opt for espresso rather than coffee. Just like the highly-concentrated and caffeine-packed beverage, you pack a lot of punch into a tiny package.

    Lauren – Hot chocolate

    If you’re like Lauren, you find comfort in life’s simple pleasures. You know the importance of indulging in a special treat once in while, especially when you have earned it. After all, why would you order bitter coffee when you can enjoy a nostalgic childhood favorite?

    Megan – Cold brew, black

    If you’re like Megan, you are bold and adventurous and enjoy waking up to a cold beverage the refreshes you for the day ahead. Even when the thermometer reads below freezing, you venture out into the cold with your iced beverage in hand! You are confident in yourself and are the first to step up to a challenge when it is presented.

    Lisa – Half and half and two stevias

    If you’re like Lisa, you march to the beat of your own drum and sip to the drip of your own brew. You are a perfectionist, and stick to a routine once you have found it suits you. While sometimes you obsess over the smallest of details, this also means that you go the extra mile when it truly counts. You have motivation, determination, persistence, and drive – and you won’t let anybody get in your way.

    Steve – Tropicana premium no pulp orange juice

    If you’re like Steve, you are a psychological enigma. Most people cannot understand your decisions and extremely odd food preferences, but you don’t care. You refuse to adhere to the expectations put forth by society and instead live by your own code of conduct. While you have your quirks, it makes you all the more interesting.

    Cindy – Whatever she feels like

    If you’re like Cindy, your choice on a given day depends on a variety of factors, including the season, time, and your mood. No person is capable of predicting whether you will get a coffee, latte, cold brew, or other beverage. You are spontaneous and open-minded, and are never intimidated when life throws obstacles in your way.

    Ronni – Decaf iced coffee or Americano

    If you’re like Ronni, you’re already so energized that a cup of caffeinated coffee would send you spinning out of control. You’re always on the run, hustling to and from your various activities. While you don’t need an extra caffeine boost to get you moving, you enjoying sipping on your decaf beverage for the taste as well as the numerous health benefits associated with coffee.

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