Coalition Forces Declare Victory over ISIS

Fen Dougharty

Coalition forces in Syria declared victory over the militant group last Saturday after successfully retaking the town of Bāghūz, a small town closely situated near the Iraq border.

The fighting forces consisted of many nationalities. US Soldiers, Foreign Volunteers and Local Rebel groups made up the anti ISIS fighters. After many hours of hard fighting, ISIS’s territory had been reduced to about a football field’s length. Many fighting against ISIS in the town were from Baghuz, which made the victory all more sweet, as they were liberating their own town.

The long awaited defeat of ISIS has been anticipated by the citizens of Syria for a while now. The fight is pretty personal to those who live in the region. ISIS has terrorized Syria for quite a while and ransacked towns and villages over the past few years. This defeat may be a new beginning for the middle eastern nation.