Tips for Surviving High School


Student hard at work

Natanel Sachmechi

Hello everyone! This is my guide to successfully making it through high school Yeah, yeah I know I’m the last person to be giving this advice, but just bear with me. In many cases, I have to admit, it’s easiest to just do the opposite of what I do!

There are many great and easy steps to being a good student. First, make sure to greet your teachers whenever you see them, but unless you’re Village student, never call them by their first names unless you’re very close with them. Regularly greeting your teachers makes it easier for them to recognize you, and makes them feel you are a friendly person.

The next step is about homework: If you ever are late with a homework assignment, just work on them as fast as possible and when you hand it in (on paper, not digitally) say these exact words to your teacher, “I’m really, really sorry for handing this in late. I swear I will try handing my homework in on time. I’m just having a little trouble is all. Again, I’m sorry.” Then, just walk out. When you are consistently having a hard time with your studies, ask your teachers to spend time after school with you to help you with your work. This is called extra help, and it’s better if there are only a few people in that extra help session so you can get more individualized attention.

Next, after school, go to your favorite teacher or to any teacher who can hold a decent conversation then just start talking about anything– be sure to be funny because honestly, teachers love a kid who make them laugh.

Next is classroom behavior. Make sure your behavior is in check during class. Teachers don’t like students acting crazy– I mean, you can be a little funny, but don’t go over the line. And, make sure you actually answer questions correctly if you are also going to crack a couple of jokes. There has to be a balance.

Next step: Don’t be that student who acts tough, thinks he is all that, and thinks he owns the school. If you want take on that tough persona, then be that quiet guy who wants nothing to do with anyone. Also, try as much as possible not to fight. Even if someone is pushing you to the point that your blood is boiling, just hold it back cause no one really likes a guy that gets in too many fights cause they gonna think you a psychopath.

Next, be chill with a lot of people- from the smart kids to the daredevils– they can be very useful to you in certain situations. While it’s okay to be a teacher’s pet, just don’t be too much of a suck up.

What about outside of academics? Well, don’t get mixed up with anyone too high maintenance. Honestly, drama is the last thing you need to get involved with in school. And don’t juul or do drugs. People who juul look like complete losers.