The Knicks’ Struggles


By: Jacob Tal

It’s no secret the New York Knicks season has been a huge disappointment with a current 20-32 record. Metta World Peace, one of the Knicks’ forwards, still believes that his team can make the playoffs, “We are good enough to make the playoffs. I believe the team has what it takes”, he recently said.

Some fans are blaming the losses on Mike Woodson, the Head Coach. Asked about whether or not he thinks he will be the coach next season, Woodson said, “Sure I do. Sure I expect to be coaching [the Knicks],” Woodson said Sunday. “Absolutely…The coach, yeah he plays a major role but at the end of the day the players have to be together to play at a high level.”

However, despite the positivity from players and the coach, injuries may keep the Knicks from making the playoffs. Bargnani (elbow) and Kenyon Martin (ankle) remain sidelined for the Knicks and JR Smith, the shooting guard, recently sustained a small fracture in his cheekbone and had to wear a mask during Wednesday’s game.