Who we are


Village SchoolBy Solomon C. Shapiro

Welcome to Village School! Our school is a place where each student’s academic and social needs are met. This allows each student to realize his or her full potential. Throughout the years the faculty and students have made Village School a place where everyone is able to be who they are, and achieve academic excellence. When students don’t feel the need to censor their true selves the results are amazing, they speak freely, participate avidly, and most importantly are comfortable with being who they truly are. Since we are a small school, the teachers and students are able to build better relationships that one might not see in a typical school setting. Through the amazing support given by our teachers, the many different needs and learning styles of our students can be met. Our school values are even reflected in the grading system. We are assessed not only on our academic work, but also on our attitudes and actions, and our contributions to the community. The Village School may as well be called the Village Community, because that’s what it really is. We are all different, but our differences are what makes us all the more connected. At the Village School, one of the most valuable qualities for a Village student to have is the ability to be the best scholar and community member that he or she can be.