In Memory of “Pop’s Wings & Grill”


By Elliot Esterman

c188a9475a58f842a9b1bac3873cbb9a“Pop’s”, a restaurant in Lynbrook, closed late last year.  It was a BBQ grill that was closed for “unknown reasons”, which is really upsetting. Before I went to this restaurant, a classmate of mine, Jared, tried to convince me that they had the best chicken wings that he has ever had.  Although the restaurant was about 15 miles from my house, I decided I had to see for myself.

I was not disappointed.

The wings were amazing; the buffalo sauce was made with blue cheese in it, and there were many different flavor options. Not only were the wings good, but the customer service was good as well. In an odd turn of events, I found out that one of the worker’s uncle owns a well known restaurant, El-Greco, in Brooklyn.  I used to visit there with my parents often.  That diner was also really good and explained why this understated spot in Lynbrook was really good as well.

So, Rest in Peace, Pop’s.  You are missed.