First off, I would just like to say Thank You, Based God. What? You don’t know who Lil Boss, the Based God is? Well, then I’m sorry to be the one to inform you that you haven’t lived yet. Based God, better known as Lil B has been an active part of the rap community since 2010. Although his more popular releases are mostly from 2012, Lil Boss is still as relevant as ever.

Good Morning Based God
Good Morning Based God

Many call him out, saying he’s wack, has absolutely no flow, and is probably one of the stupidest people alive. But, at the same time, Yung Based has one of the most dedicated and loyal fan bases existing.

Born Brandon McCartney, he refers to himself as “Based”, saying that he means to convey a message of positivity and tolerance. McCartney states that during his upbringing, “based” was a negative term and he would constantly be crushed by the negativity surrounding him, as many people would call him such. However, he turned that negativity into a positive message that he now relays to thousands. Although his music isn’t the most inspirational, what he is trying to communicate goes much deeper than the lyrics.

Too fly

Many do not take his content seriously, which has resulted in Lil B beefing with multiple other artists through platforms like Twitter. He had a brief argument with The Game, who called him the “wackest rapper out.” However, after a couple of diss tracks and Twitter beef, they eventually resolved their conflict, and McCartney helped promote The Game’s THE R.E.D. ALBUM. A similar argument took place with artist Joey Bada$$, which was ultimately put to rest. Lil B will continue to work in his own absurd corner of hip-hop, with his insanely strong fanbase. Though none may take him seriously, Boss will forever be living legend. Thank you, Based God.