A Valentine’s Day Film


image via imbd
image via imbd

By Gaddiel Interiano

February is a time for romance, which means you and your “special someone” need romantic and fun activities to do. These things can be riding bikes to going to the park, getting dinner, or just spending quality time somewhere special. But why would you do all that when you could also just go see a movie? There are a couple of great selections currently playing,  but the one I’d suggest is an award winning, fun, laugh out loud movie called “Silver Linings Playbook”.

In “Silver Linings Playbook” Bradley Cooper plays Patrick Solanto a man who’s recently come out of jail after being imprisoned for assault and going through therapy comes back home to his football obsessed family. At home he’s reunited with him father played by Robert DeNiro and his mother played by Jackie Weaver. The moment he gets home he tries to think of a way of reuniting with his wife that has divorced him and put a restraining order on him. As he thinks of ways to do this, he seeks help from a friend and winds up meeting Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Later, they bump into each other again and a friendship begins to develop — helping them find the silver linings in their  lives.

This film has been nominated for several awards and already won some (SAG and Golden Globes to name a couple). In my opinion, this movie was very good and critics and audiences give it an 8/10, so I think this Valentine’s Day you should go take that special someone and see “Silver Linings Playbook”.