“New Science Things That You (Probably) Didn’t Know About” List


First things first. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, a deadly cancer, now has a cure. Not only that, scientists have been able to turn the cancerous cells into tumor fighting cells. In the midst of studying this particular cancer cell, they “added a transcription factor to the patient’s immune system.” Then, the cells began to transform into disease -fighting white blood cells. imageMaybe someday, cancer will be a thing of the past.

On a more “caring” note, scientists have created a pill that makes you a more caring individual. The Berkeley and San Francisco branches of University of California researched the effects of extending the effects of dopamine. It resulted in people being more sensitive to inequality. The contents of the capsule includes tolcapone. It’s FDA approved and used on Parkinson’s disease patients. Tolcapone is the active ingredient that prolongs the feeling of dopamine.

And for the final thing on this list, now, peanut allergies can be prevented. The effects of peanut allergies range from minor irritation to death. But an early death can be prevented by exposing babies to peanuts, thus building an immunity toward the allergy early on.

The times are advancing at a rapid pace, and we’ve arrived at a point in history where deathly diseases are prevented with a couple ounces of liquid and cars can drive without human assistance, which is pretty cool. The progression of science is kind of like a relay race, with each generation going further than the last could ever think of. When the adults in your life talk about how this generation’s kids are “spending too much time on the internet,” explain to them that this is our backyard/ neighborhood/wherever kids hung out before. We can see nearly every inch of the world, meet people we could never meet otherwise. In a way, advances in science support this new definition of childhood and everyday life. And that’s pretty cool.