The Baltimore Uprising


imageOnce again, another unarmed black man was killed by police, although this time may have been an accident, or indirect murder. A 25 year old man named Freddie Gray was arrested for selling illegal substances this Friday on April 12th. Prior to arrest, proven by video footage, Freddie was heard asking for assistance while being tackled, dragged, and thrown into the police van by police officers.

Only 50 minutes after arrest, the police officers were reported to have been driving sporadically. Mr. Gray suffered a spinal cord injury which the officers withheld from the emergency responders; he then died on the spot with no immediate medical services.

“Medical attention should’ve been given much sooner…”
– Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts

Police brutality over years and years led up to this violent moment, to a riot arising in Baltimore. Ironically, rival gangs join forces for a common cause: Police brutality. Looting, fires, and assault has occurred. Many black men took this killing personally, while others gave police the benefit of the doubt and protected them as seen on the attached video clip. Starting Tuesday, April 28th, guards will be stationed to protect citizens as cleanup and repair ensues.