The Biggest Scam In the Galaxy?


imageI’ve already reported about the Mars One Mission Company, but is it possibly all a scam? So far, only one finalist has spoken out about this problem, but we can’t help but wonder if it is. The contestant says that the media had been telling the wrong story.

Joseph Roche, the contestant in question, claims that there was never 200,000 applicants, but 2,761. As well as not having insuffiecient psychological/ psychometric testing, the “ranks” that either brough a contestant up or down the list, were earned by how much money was donated. Roche also brings up a point system, (which ironically is pointless). The way you earn points, is buying merchandise from the company… Although he was chosen to be in the final 100, he had never met anyone from Mars One face to face. The galactical experiment was supposedly going to become a reality tv show as well, but the production company pulled out of the contract that was supposed to make $6 billion. Coincedential? Gerard Hooft, a former adviser for Mars One had mentioned that the actual launch date was 100 years away, instead of 10 years away. But Mars One CEO, Bas Lansdorp, (it’s a Dutch company) denies all of these statements. Some speculators have been saying, instead of going through the trouble of trying to create a livable space on Mars, why don’t we just fix up Earth? Opinions have been circulating and we’re waiting for updates on that…