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Appreciation for Earth Day- April 22nd

Nothing has gone through such a rapid change in the past few decades as Mother Earth, who selflessly dedicates herself to the human race.

Yet with the advancement of technology, more damage has been inflicted anthropogenically on the planet, such as deforestation and extensive agricultural practices. Along with skyrocketing pollution rates, the quality of air and water as well as the wellbeing of Mother Earth has been in decline.

Furthermore, a new ozone hole almost the size of Greenland has been reported above Antarctica. Ozone holes result from the release of products that contain chemicals such as CFCS and elements like chlorine that can be harmful to the ozone layer in the stratosphere.

The environmental movement in the United States took off with Rachel Carson’s publication, Silent Spring, in 1962 which incited the public to be more aware of the effects of pollution on the health of all human beings. Amidst widespread protests against American participation in the Vietnam War, a student organization to raise awareness for Mother Earth was brewing. The date was then set. Beginning in 1970, April 22 would be the day when people around the world would come together, united by their appreciation and gratitude for the planet as well as their fight against corrupt industries whose products pollute the air and water, leaving devastating impacts for human health. The Exxon Spill of 1989 and Love Canal in New York are painful reminders of the everlasting results of the effects toxic chemicals could have on the fragile environment.

For Village students who have taken U.S. History with Sam, you may remember him talking about the tragedy of Bubbly Creek which led to its residents to live in conditions barely tolerable in today’s standards.

Moreover, the growing popularity of Earth Day, as April 22nd became known as, represents the continuing fight for the voice of the planet to be heard worldwide. The world still depends heavily on the burning of fossil fuels, such as petroleum oil and coal; only a small percent of money is invested in green energy. Most countries, however, are supporting clean energy through incentives that encourage families who use solar panels, for example. Although there are several choices for renewable energy, like wind energy, solar energy, and tidal energy, the equipment involved are fairly expensive. What the government needs to do is to strengthen the country’s bond with renewable energy through commitment and incentives for people who invest in more environmental-friendly energy alternatives.

The long fight against the enemies of the environment is just getting started. New voices from the younger generation are creating a swirl in the territory of the coal and oil industries. Bright environmentalists such as Greta Thunberg are rallying the people to save their planet and make their voice heard. Thousands of citizens from countries around the world attended her famous protests for the environment. Celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Leonardo DiCaprio. Even though the pandemic has halted Thunberg’s rallies, the young environmentalist keeps the spirit and hope alive through virtual protests. It is interesting to note that the environment has benefitted from the prolonged stay-at-home orders. Air pollution in major cities such as Beijing and northern Italy has seen a drastic reduction as the result of lower industrial activity and less transportation in general whether on the road or in the air.

In the end, there are ways we can all help our planet even if we are confined at home. We can pay more attention to how we contribute to waste since we are at home. For example, it is common for some to forget to turn off the light because the matter has escaped our eyes or we were in a rush; however, the quarantine allows us to keep notice of small things happening in the house. If we forget to turn off the light, it will likely cross your mind. When you turn off the light, you could remind yourself to do the same thing next time, and it will gradually become a habit. On the other hand, do not throw away excessive plastic bottles into the trash can. Store them somewhere, such as outside, so that if stores like Costco do reopen someday, you could recycle these bottles. It is also necessary to use less and conserve resources when possible.

All in all, as Earth Day is approaching at light speed as I write this article, let us all take a moment to appreciate and show our gratitude to our unique planet. As of right now, astronauts and even the most advanced technology have not detected a planet that is similar to Earth. Mother Earth is our only home. If we cannot save our come, we cannot save ourselves. By investing in renewable energy and choosing environmental-friendly options, perhaps we can prevent the planet from further damage induced by global climate change. As long as we live another day, there will be hope for the planet as well.

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