Spreading Positivity in a Dark Time

Sarah Shapiro

Lately, the news has been very grim as it has (rightfully so) been focused on the current pandemic. However, in the midst of this darkness, there are still many bright and positive things that have happened which you may not have heard about. Here are some!

  1. Teens from a Canadian high school launched a hotline that allows lonely seniors in quarantine to listen to pre-recorded jokes, stories, and even some messages of hope. The joy4all project was launched to brighten up their days.
  1. Since you can’t visit family or friends in the hospital right now, more than 20,000 WiFi devices have been donated by nonprofit COVID Tech Connect (CTC) so coronavirus patients can keep in contact with their families while quarantined. Without the support of friends and family, quarantine would be an even more difficult and lonely thing.
  1. New studies have found that with the coal usage declining, there has been a decrease in asthma symptoms and hospitalizations. Coal is known to emit pollutants in the air which is associated with causing asthma attacks.
  1. The LEGO factory has started to produce thousands of plastic face masks for medical workers. They have been using their facilities to produce thousands of masks and are donating them to hospitals across the country.
  1. A 99 year old war veteran has raised over 6 million dollars for hospital workers in just one week all just by walking laps around his garden.

So even though your newsfeed may be filled with a lot of bad news, there is certainly a lot of good being done. Check out Good News Network for more inspiring and positive stories happening every day.