Student Spotlight: Tyler Plakstis


By Max Cruz

This week, I sat down with Tyler Plakstis and talked to him about the unique and exciting accomplishment he recently achieved.

M: Can you tell us a little bit about your recent honor in the Fire Department?

T: Last week, I was accepted into the Alert Senior Fire Department after spending 3 years in the Junior Fire Department.

M: What prompted you to want to get in to that kind of work?

T: Everyone in my family is a firefighter and I felt like it was my time to join, too.

M: How did you feel when you got the job?

T: Very excited.

M: So how often do work at the fire department?

T: Every day- and whenever there is a call, I have to respond–even if it’s 1:30 in the morning.

M: So, how do you balance school and your work?

T: I’ve only had the job for a week, so I don’t know yet!

M: (laughs) Well, good luck with everything. What a great accomplishment. Thank you for your time.

T: Thank you.