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Soft Sugar Cookies
June 13, 2024
June 4, 2024

Student Profile: Eric Bernstein

Interview by Dustin Schwartz

Eric Bernstein was awarded the "Quintessential Student"  Board Award this year.
Eric Bernstein was awarded the “Quintessential Student” Board Award this year.

For this weeks Student Profile, I sat down with Eric to ask him about moving to Long Island and being a student-athlete.

Dustin: When did you start playing baseball?

Eric: When I was about three years old.

D: What position do you play?

E: I play second base or shortstop, depending on the team I’m on.

D: Do you intend to play in college?

E: I would love to play at North Carolina State.

D: What inspired you to pursue baseball?

E: Well my father played in college and he always encouraged me to continue.

D: What are the challenges you face when attending village and playing a sport at north at the same time?

E: Well, one, I do not have a locker to store stuff, and also I dont get news about my team as fast but its worth it, because I love my sport.

D: Did you grow up in Pennsylvania?

E: I did! I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

D: What was it like moving from Pennsylvania to Long Island?

E: Leaving my old friends was pretty hard, but I made new friends pretty quickly.

D: Why did you move to Long Island?

E: Since my aunt and uncle live here, I heard about Village School and I thought it was a great opportunity for me.

D: What are your thoughts on Great Neck?

E: It’s a lot different from Harrisburg, people are more friendly.

D: How does Village School compare to your old school?

E: Village is really different from all the other schools I’ve been to. We do a lot of work and we sit in classes but still, it doesn’t feel like school- it’s actually

fun and interesting.

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