Student Profile: James Heinlein


By Jon Roshan

Village School junior, James Heinlein.
Village School junior, James Heinlein.

Here at Village School, there are so many different students with different personalities who impact the school in numerous ways. James Heinlein is a student who has brought something to the school that is irreplaceable. That thing is his attitude. James is known for his hilarious and quirky sense of humor, which can be completely random at times. James’s sense of humor touches upon things such as references to internet memes to jokes about his favorite food, bacon.  And although these are things that anyone can speak about, James finds a way to make them funny in ways others can’t.

But, there are many instances when James shows his ability to be a kind friend and a great listener. When speaking to James, you feel like no matter what is going on, everything will end up being alright.

When asked what he thought about the school, James responded, “I think The Village School is a great place because it is a more interesting learning community than any other school.” James has expressed his gratitude for the teachers of the school when he said “A lot of the teachers here have a lot of insight on how I may obtain my goals of getting into college and getting a job.” When asked about his favorite class James stated, “I would probably say Business Math because some classes seem to give us information that seems to be irrelevant for the time being as opposed to Business Math, which teaches you actual useful skills in managing your finances and whatnot.”

When asked about his plans after high school he said, “My future plans after leaving the school are to go to college and get a job where I make a comfortable amount of money and see the world.” James also mentioned why he loves making people laugh and smile with his sense of humor.  “I like making people laugh because it’s much better than being bored. I like to notice things that just happen and make jokes of them. When I make a person laugh, I feel like it adds to the atmosphere, rather than everyone just sitting around tired and unamused.”

In expressing these sentiments, it’s clear James loves it when others are happy, which is a generous and wonderful thing. People like James make this school what it is and we are so grateful to have such a kind and interesting student among our Village School Family.