Villagers guide on how NOT to earn credit

James Bares

Credit guide
Sleeping on the job: Recommended for students who look to earn zero credit!

At Village School, we have a diverse student body and a clear path to earning credit for classes: attendance, effort, and work completion. There are, however, many paths to earning zero credit. As someone who did just that in his first semester at Village, I am expert on this topic.  If you, too, are interested in earning little to no credit in your classes, follow this simple guide.  I guarantee success!

In the beginning of the semester, you might find yourself worrying about all your classes.  My advice? DROP IT!  Just stop caring about most of your classes. This is the one key factor that a lot of people get mixed up on, they just seem to care too much about every class they take. This isn’t necessary! The only classes that you should give any sort of thought to are your ‘Regents’ courses. The reason behind this is that you need to retain information from these classes for state- mandated tests, which are required for graduation (if that’s your plan, that is.) As for your other electives, do the bare minimum and hope you get by. You probably won’t.

Another thing people tend to do is actually go to class.  This is the worst thing you can do if you want to earn little to no credit. Teachers love students that not only do well on their assessments, but also regularly attend school.  That is a sure way to earn full credit in any class, which is not what you want.  My recommendation? Don’t come to school- especially if you have some kind of project, test, or quiz that has to be done that day. If you must come to school because of parents or whoever making you, be sure to avoid teachers by cutting class, snoozing, spending an excessive amount of time in the bathroom- whatever it takes!  And getting into trouble for those things is just a bonus on the pathway to zero credit.

So to cover the bases:

  • DO NOT do work unless for Regents classes (which is still optional)
  • Only come to school if you are forced to by someone at home
  • And if you do make it to school, be sure to hide in the Commons or participate very little.  But the best thing to do is to just fall asleep.