Staff Spotlight: Halina

Natanel Sachmechi

Halina is the office administrator at Great Neck Village School. She makes sure that everything is organized and ready to go. She has been working here for four years to support of the teachers and students. Other than her being a staff member at Great Neck Village School, she is a great vocalist and a musician outside of school. She has a masters degree in music education. She did her undergraduate degree at NYU and studied abroad Florence, Italy.


She then attended Hunter College for her masters degree. Outside of school, she is a piano teacher and enjoys spending time with her twin brother; they go out to restaurants and also cook together.

Halina does a lot for us students here at Village.  When we don’t feel well she is there to give us band-aids and alcohol pads and ice packs if we need it. She really takes care of students and talks to us if they we having trouble with something in our personal lives or in school- she’ll even give advice when it comes to math homework.

If she is ever having a bad day, she has other teachers to talk to and to cheer her up, but I hope she knows she has us too!