HEADRUSH: Pop Music at its Best

Daniel Reilly

The indie pop group MILKK came up with their name from a typo, but their recent success in the music industry is no accident. The beginning of their career started in April of 2017, after deciding to go public on social media. Fans started to discover the trio before they had even produced any songs. The passionate fanbase remains today after the release of two EPs “Sad Girls” and “If You’re Reading This, I Love You” in 2018, soon after playing their first live show in lead singer Pat Kiloran’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Two headline tours later and their debut album has released on Friday, February 15th of 2019.

HEADRUSH is a journey through the life and mind of songwriter Pat Kiloran in the past few years. In a social media post he stated that he had experienced “some of the most beautiful & the most heart-wrenching things in our lives, from true love to near-death.” These thoughts are clearly represented in the 12 tracks that create the new sound of HEADRUSH.

The album leads off strong with the track “90’s Baby” which is the perfect introduction to the ideas drifting through the head of Kiloran. The ideas of love and friendship are beautifully demonstrated through the powerful lyrics and strong beat that captivates the listener. This journey of self-doubt transitions into the catchy “Unsaid,” showing strong guitars throughout on top of the synths that MILKK are known best for. The lyrics flow extremely well, especially the hook “shut my mouth and go to bed, somethings should be left unsaid.” The singles “Stupid” “Thinkin Bout U” “The Garden (I’ll Be Alright)” and “Up On Us” hold up since their release and manage to continue the themes the album does so well to convey. “Mean To You” is one of my personal favorite tracks on the whole album. The guitars, drums, and vocals combine to make an alternative masterpiece. “I Thought I Lost You” is a raw acoustic guitar driven love song where Pat pours his heart out to the listener. It sounds almost completely unprocessed and real. This song is coming from the heart, and it’s one of the best indicators of the tough times in Pat’s love life over the past few years. The final track of the album is “Annalise” a perfect ending for the trip through the human mind that is HEADRUSH. It is a song about moving on from a relationship, and Pat’s vocal range on this track is almost a symbol for the ups and downs of love, reinforcing the themes that flow throughout the record, and ending the album on a perfect note.