Diversity at Village


Joanna Flores

At Village School, we pride ourselves in embracing student diversity. Each student here either has a culture, hobby, interest, food, or qualities of what makes them unique. School is the place where these attributes can shine.

In order to demonstrate just how diverse a community we are, I conducted a survey on one-third of the population at Village school.

From my research, the pie graph shows that the majority of Village School students are predominantly Jewish, and then other sub culture integrated into the population.

Something unique at Village school is the ability to get food on the streets for lunch. I wanted to survey exactly what were the students most liked and favorite local places to hangout. La Bottega or pizzeria was many students top choices due to the closeness and food.

Many students had different activities that they were involved in or interested in doing on their free time. The majority however, out of everything enjoyed binge watching tv series on online and watching YouTube videos.

In the results it contains one vote from each 18 students towards each subtopic/ subject. Many students choose electives over any other subject since “it allows creativeness to get seen than any other subject,”-Anonymous.

Strive to embrace your differences!