Student Profile: Phoebe Has the Goods


Interview by Jacob Tal

Phoebe, Village School's resident b.aker
Phoebe, Village School’s resident baker.

This week,  I spoke to 10th grade standout student, Phoebe Miller, about her love of baking. Students and teachers are familiar with Phoebe’s love of baking- almost every week, Phoebe brings in homemade cupcakes, cookies and other treats for everyone to try out.

Jacob: When did you start baking?

Phoebe: I started baking when I was younger and I did it with my mom.

J: What got you interested in baking?

P: I like that it’s a combination of two things that I really enjoy-science and art. It’s kind of scientific because you have to mix all the ingredients and measure them out correctly,and you get to see things like baking powder and baking soda react with the consistency or the temperature and the ingredients your using so that’s really cool.You get to decorate what you make and make it look good which is really fun.

J: Your experience over break on baking?

P: Over break, I made mixed berry pie with homemade pie crust and pastry cream and chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes and vanilla swiss buttercream and chocolate American buttercream.

J: Would you want to own your own bakery one day?

P: I dont know yet! I haven’t decided what I want to do.But that sounds fun.

J: Who taught you how to bake and how often do bake?

P: My mom taught me and I bake once or twice a week.

J: What’s the hardest thing to bake?

One of Phoebe's delicious creations, which she made during Winter Recess.
One of Phoebe’s delicious creations, mixed berry pie with with homemade pie crust.


P: That’s a hard question. Pie crust is pretty tricky because you don’t want to over bake it; also, when you’re working with chocolate powder, you have to make sure you get the consistency right, so things like cupcakes are pretty difficult. And then, when you’re making a meringue, of course, it’s very hard because you can’t let it get over- beaten, and you have to measure the sugar temperature with the candy thermometer.You have to make sure it gets to the right temperature,or else it won’t turn out right.

J: Thanks for talking with me, Phoebe.

Next time there are cupcakes or cookies in the Commons, make sure to thank Phoebe!