Album Review: Lost Isles


Ocean Ate Alaska

Lost Isles, the new album.

In the latest album from Ocean Ate Alaska, it is quite apparent that the music from the band has evolved a lot since the beginning of their career. In their older songs such as “Clocks” or “To Catch a Flame,” compared to a newer song like “Blood Brother” or “Linger,” the difference between the lyrics as they put meaning into the songs is very apparent: “If you fell down we would fall together/ Like a sinking ship in stormy weather/ You’re the bones to our flesh and skin/ But now that you’re gone/ It’s time to rethink without you.” But even coupled with such lyrics, the music doesn’t get any softer; it actually gets heavier with additional tones to the song.

Even though the band has been working on the album for two years, they finally made it and finished satisfied saying, “We hit so many brick walls during the process of creating this album, however to now hear it start to finish we literally couldn’t be any more proud.” My favorite songs from them were the ones I discussed from before (Clocks, To Catch a Flame, Blood Brothers, Linger).

In my opinion, I think it is a better album just because it’s a little heavier and that’s kind of the type of music I like personally prefer. For a newer type of band, I think Ocean Ate Alaska are going in a good direction and will hopefully expand their fan base throughout the years.