The Future Frontier


People of all backgrounds, languages, and beliefs are headed towards Mars– about 100 people, to be specific. A nimageon-profit Dutch organization is sending people on a mission to the “red planet” to create the next livable planet, if we actually do end up killing planet Earth. However, these 100 souls are not returning, since there isn’t enough funding to support the trip back from Mars. If you’re wondering if any of this is legal, it is. NASA approved the plan; they had planned to do this themselves, but not until 2030.

The first trip costs $6 billion, and two men and women are being sent up to Mars. Now, we, personally, will probably not be able to live on Mars, because the organization doesn’t plan its first trip happening before 2024. But maybe, just maybe, our great-great-great grandchildren will build their lives on the red rocked planet.

It’s actually quite complicated; the first group of people won’t be up there until 2024, but in 2018 there will be a small craft test landing to test the communication quality and dependability. Where the spacecraft lands is actually extremely important. It has to be north enough for watering purposes and close enough to the “equator” area for sunlight. In 2022, the company is sending a rover and two living spaces and two life support units. These will be powered by solar energy, and in the life support unit, there will be some sort of a machine that will make breathable oxygen as well as 120 kg of oxygen and 3000 liters of water just in case.