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the Adafruit CLUE – nRF52840 ALPHA a Arduino alternative

This article is the first in a series about new and innovative tech.

Adafruit has announced the “Adafruit CLUE – nRF52840 ALPHA” an “affordable Arduino-alternative that comes with an IPS display and several sensors” a bit larger than a quarter, the nRF52840 is priced at $29.95 and includes a…

back of the board

Microcontroller and QSPI, a Display, Sensors (Gyro + Accel: LSM6DS33, Magnetometer: LIS3MDL, Light + Gesture + Proximity: APDS9960, PDM Microphone sound sensor: MP34DT01-M, Humidity: SHT30, Temp +Pressure: BMP280), a micro USB and Battery, A and B buttons and a Reset button, Qwiic / STEMMA QT connector, NeoPixel and Bright white LEDs, GPIO and Power Pads (Pads 0, 1 and 2 and 3V and GND) and a Micro:Bit compatible edge connector.


These are basically all the sensors you’ll ever need– in one small compact device that can fit in the palm of your very hand.

It is also compatible with other Adafruit products, micro:bit cases, and accessories. The creators managed this by using a micro:bit’s shape, size, and pin-out.

But, this is still in its alpha state and on the products page it states, “This is the alpha release of the hardware, everything works, but we may change around the sensors or pinouts as we add projects and support for the CLUE!”

Here are some of the projects you can do with the Clue combined with other adafruit products:

Adafruit Bonsai Buckaroo – micro:bit & CLUE Plant Care Helper
 Heart Rate Training Zone

And when it is fully completed, there will be even more projects that you can make!

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